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BLE sincerely looking forward to cooperating with all over the world customers to win and grow together.spearheading today’s global led lighting revolution,BLE can offer different lighting solution according to customer’s demand.Our mission is to provide a comprehensive line of unparalleleed,unique and environmentally responsible Led indoor and greenhouse lighting solutions.

BLE LED grow light is an indoor planting solution specially designed for high-yield and high-quality growers. It uses 0 ~ 10v dimming function to control ppfd to meet every growth stage of the plant.It is specially designed for Herbs, ornamental plants, leafy vegetables and fruits growing,With ultra-thin and folding design,It can provides high-quality and high-yielding planting solutions for single or multi-layer growers.

BLE FD660W300R10 can illuminate all types of vertical racks and grow tables with precise and uniform light on the plant canopy. The PPF output levels and built-in dimmability enable the exact and dynamic PPFD control over each of the plant growing stages.  The famous item 880W is the indoor lighting solution for all growers looking for an edge in efficiency, quantity, and quality.

FD880W300R10 is ideal for high PPFD cultivation with single or multi-tier racking – from veg to bloom. The series has an average PPFD up to 1,060 umol/m2/s over a 4’x4’ (122×122 cm) canopy.

Boost the Growth of Your Business with BLE LED Grow Lights.

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