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BLE 1000w led grow light

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Research on the Use of Led Grow Lights
LED grow lights, follow the laws of nature and adopt agricultural, physical, and biological methods to fertilize the soil. Prevent and control grow diseases and insect pests to obtain a safe agricultural production system for organisms and their products.
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Research on Linear LED grow Light
There are four forms of light and LED grow light affecting plants: light quality, photoperiod, light intensity, and light quantity. Plant growth and yield (plant size, number of flowers, and other characteristics) are mainly affected by the amount of light received throughout the day.
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Linear LED grow lights can promote the rapid and healthy growth of plant seedlings
Trees of Ageratum thrive under the illumination of LED grow lights. The planting base adopts LED "light formula" kinds of medicinal materials, and successfully cultivated seedlings of nectarine, dendrobium, and ageratum.
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