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What should we consider when buying foldable spider LED Grow Light?

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With the development of technology, people have developed lamps that can replace the sun to fill plants with light-plant supplement light. Foldable spider LED Grow Light has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy-saving, and green development. It can be used for plants at any time at any place. It is also very important to choose the correct Foldable spider LED Grow Light.



What does the Spider Led Grow Light look like?

How to choose and use LED plant fill light correctly?

Is it better to keep the fill light on or to turn it on/off according to day/night?


What does the Spider Led Grow Light look like?

As the name suggests, the Foldable spider LED Grow Light looks like a spider, it looks too much like a big spider lying on the roof, so this scary name can only belong to it. Its shape is very simple, the middle round bulb is covered with a circle, like the body of a spider, six black metal "legs" spread out with their teeth and claws, and each "leg" also carries a large light bulb, which is placed in the living room. On the top, the brightness is sufficient. For fear of power consumption, several bulbs can be controlled separately.


How to choose and use LED Grow Light correctly?

Foldable spider LED Grow Light is a kind of plant supplement light, which uses the light generated by the principle of diode light to replace the sunlight to supplement light for plants. Now let's talk about how to choose and use Foldable spider LED Grow Light correctly to bring effect to plants.

1. When choosing red and blue lights, we have to choose the ratio of red and blue light that is suitable for plant growth needs according to different types of plants.

2. In addition, pay attention to the wavelength range of red and blue light. Red light with a wavelength range of about 660nm and blue light with a wavelength range of about 460nm-480nm have the strongest effect on plants.

3. Different plants have different requirements for light intensity, and light intensity is affected by power, so we should pay attention to the power of the fill light when choosing.

4 When using Foldable spider LED Grow Light, if the light conditions are good during the day, you only need to fill up the plants for a short time in the morning or at night, and at night, when the plants need to breathe, they should set aside for the plants time to rest. If it is overcast or rainy or hazy, you can use the Foldable spider LED Grow Light for a long time to fill the plant with light.


Is it better to keep the LED Grow Light on or to turn it on/off according to day/night?

Whether to keep the Foldable spider LED Grow Light on all the time involves the issue of photoperiod. Photoperiod is very important to the growth of plants. It refers to the needs of different crops for light time. Adjusting the photoperiod by supplementing light will affect the vegetative growth and reproductive growth process of plants. Generally, it is recommended to turn on the lights for crops at 12-18h a day to speed up the growth of the crops. At night, give the crops a continuous rest period.


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