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What is the Linear LED grow light?

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Linear LED grow light is a kind of LED grow light, LED grow light has a great effect on plant growth. Let's introduce what is Linear LED grow light.


What are the types of LED grow light?

Why LED grow lights can promote plant growth?

What is the difference between led plant growth lights and ordinary LED lights?

What are the types of LED grow light?

Common plant growth lights are: fluorescent grow lights, Linear LED grow lights, HID grow lights.

1. Fluorescent grow light

Fluorescent grow lights are what we often call fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps use low-pressure mercury vapor to release ultraviolet rays after being energized so that the fluorescent powder emits visible light. Fluorescent lamps have many form factors, including long, thin bulbs and smaller energy-saving lamps. The luminous efficiency ranges from 30lm/W to 90lm/W. It is a common plant growth lamp.

2. Linear LED grow light

Linear LED grow light is composed of two light-emitting tubes. In a shell with a radiator or a built-in fan, the LED grow light usually does not require a separate ballast and can be directly plugged into a standard power socket for direct use.

Linear LED grow light vary according to the purpose. It is known from the study of photomorphogenesis that green, red, far-red, and blue light spectra have an impact on root formation, plant growth, and flowering, but there are not enough scientific studies or field tests to test the specific color ratios recommended by Linear LED grow lights. If the red and blue light is given, many plants will grow normally. However, many studies have shown that red and blue light only provides a very cost-effective growth method and that plants grow better under light supplementing green.

3. HID grow light

HID grow lights are also called high-intensity discharge lamps. Although fluorescent grow lights were a common type of indoor grow lamps in the past, HID grow lights are now very popular. High-intensity discharge lamps have high lumen/wa te efficiency. There are several different types of HID grow lights, including mercury vapor, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and conversion bulbs. Metal halide and HPS lamps produce some color spectrum somewhat similar to the sun and can be used to grow plants. Mercury vapor lamps are the first type of HIDs that are widely used in street lighting, but when it comes to indoor gardening, they have a relatively poor spectrum for plant growth, so they are mostly replaced by other types of HIDs for growing plants.


Why LED grow lights can promote plant growth?

The effect of light on plant growth lights has two effects,

One is an indirect effect,

The second is direct action.

(1) The indirect effect is photosynthesis.

(2) Direct effect refers to the effect of light on the formation of plant morphology. Since the formation of light morphology can be satisfied with only a short time and weak light, the need for light morphology is a "low-energy response.

And Linear LED grow light has many characteristics that are different from other electric light sources, which also makes it the first choice for energy-saving and environmentally friendly light sources. The LED used in the field of plant cultivation also exhibits the following characteristics

Signs: The wavelength types are abundant, which coincides with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light morphology; the half-width of the spectral wave width is narrow, and the pure monochromatic light and the compound spectrum can be combined as needed; the light of a specific wavelength can be concentrated to irradiate crops in a balanced manner; Adjust the flowering and fruiting of crops, and also control the plant height and nutrient content of the plants; the system generates less heat and occupies a small space. It can be used for multi-layer cultivation and three-dimensional combination system. The advantages of waterproof Linear LED grow lights and aquarium lights achieve low heat load and production. Space is miniaturized; in addition, its strong durability also reduces operating costs. The law of plant growth must require sunlight, and the LED grow light is a kind of lamp that uses the principle of sunlight to replace sunlight to provide the environment for plant growth and development. Therefore, it can better promote the growth of light-loving plants at night or under dark conditions.


What is the difference between LED grow light and ordinary LED light?

Ordinary led lights can only be used for lighting or commercial lighting. Linear LED grow lights act as sunlight in an environment lacking sunlight, enabling plants to grow and develop normally or better. This kind of lamp has strong roots, promotes, regulates the flowering period and flower color promotes fruit ripening and coloring, and enhances taste and quality.


To ensure quality, BLE Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. developed various LED grow lights and conducted numerous tests before leaving the factory. If you are interested in LEDs for grow lights, you can consider using a cost-effective product.

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