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What is a quantum Board Led Grow Light?

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Quantum board Led grow light is used as the auxiliary of high-pressure sodium lighting in the greenhouse. The experiment of planting lily of Virginia variety is carried out. The results showed that after seven weeks of solid-state lighting, lily production increased by 20 percent. Then, let’s introduce more about quantum board Led grow light.


Can ordinary LED lights replace quantum board Led grow light?

What should I pay attention to when using quantum board Led grow light?

Do different vegetables require the same amount of light?

Can ordinary LED lights replace quantum Board Led Grow Light?

Regular LEDs can quantum board Led grow light, but they don't work very well. The light of the wavelength of the quantum board Led grow light is conducive to the growth of plants, and the full spectrum lamp has an ultraviolet and far-infrared spectrum, which is conducive to the enhancement of plant sugar and taste. The greenhouses are generally used to produce off-season flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Due to the short sunshine time in winter and spring, the crop grows slowly, and the yield is low, so it is in urgent need of supplementing the light. Most of northern China is located in eastern Asia and has a temperate monsoon climate. In the winter and spring seasons by the Siberian cold air southward influence, sometimes due to the intersection of warm and cold air fusion and the formation of rain and snow. The occurrence of less than 1-3 days of low temperature, more than 7 to 8 days even overcast according to the weather. Quantum board Led grow light can solve this problem perfectly.


What should I pay attention to when using quantum board Led grow light?

Quantum board Led grow light, the spectrum is limited to the visible part, mainly red and blue light combination, the performance of pink light, color rendering is very low, is not conducive to the protection of vision, especially in the long-term pink light environment, easy to make people dizzy, nausea, vision decline. When you use a quantum board Led grow light, remember to wear glasses that will protect your eyes from exposure to quantum board Led grow light.


Do different vegetables require the same amount of light?

The answer is yes, for sure. In the quantum board Led grow light, there is almost no ultraviolet light, but ultraviolet light plays a role in improving the brightness of flowers. The reason why the flowers in the plateau region are particularly bright is because of the rich ultraviolet radiation. In addition, ultraviolet light can promote sugar synthesis and increase the sugar content of plants, especially berries. The fruits of melons have certain requirements for quantum board Led grow light illumination time and intensity. For example, when the illumination time is less than 11 hours, the young fruits of watermelon will fall off completely. Vegetables with moderate illumination intensity requirements such as peas, string beans, celery, radish, scallion, etc. Vegetables with moderate quantum board Led grow light intensity requirements, such as peas, string beans, celery, radish, scallion, etc. Vegetables with low light intensity requirements, such as lettuce, spinach, flour, ginger, etc., require low light intensity.


Of course, some specific plants, such as cannabis, will be more effective with quantum board Led grow light. If you are in the quantum board Led grow lights business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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