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What is a linear Led grow light?

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Many fruits and vegetables are grown in hothouses. They grow larger and sweeter than plants that normally grow in their natural state. Why is that? Because linear Led grows light plays a big role. If you are interested in linear Led grows light, please read on.

linear led grow lights

Here is the content list:

· Can linear Led grow lights shorten the plant growth cycle?

· Do different plants often have the same requirements for linear Led grow lights?

· Who are linear Led grow lights suitable for?

Can linear Led grow lights shorten the plant growth cycle?

Take eggplant as an example: when linear Led grow lightsare not used, eggplant is a light-loving crop, which requires high illumination intensity and length. The light saturation point is 40,000 ~ 50,000 lux, and the light compensation point is 2000 lux. Under natural light, the longer the sunshine time, the more vigorous the growth, flower bud differentiation, flower bud quality is better, the flowering date is earlier, the yield is higher. Shortened sunshine hours, poor growth, weak growth, delayed flower bud differentiation, high flower drop rate, fruit development. According to the above growth habit, because sunlight is not controllable, so we can use linear Led grow lights, insufficient added under the condition of the sun, the sun as the light supplement, at any time-of-day linear Led grow lights can enhance the light, linear Led grow lights can extend the effective lighting time, such as cloudy or winter sunshine under the condition of insufficient length and strength, to supplement, to maximize the photosynthesis. Thus, shortening the plant growth cycle and improving economic benefits. Through the suitable linear Led grow lights for the spectrum required by the plant, not only can promote its growth, but also can prolong the flowering period, improve the quality of fruits and melons, ensure the taste of greenhouse vegetables, but also can achieve out-of-season cultivation. The reasonable use of linear Led grow lights not only can be not suitable for plant growth under the condition of breeding and growth and can speed up the breeding of crops and shorten the growth cycle of crops, avoid the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, and abnormal fruit.

Do different plants often have the same requirements for linear Led grow lights?

When using linear Led grow lights, we should note that different plants have different requirements for the irradiation time. The long-day plants include Chinese cabbage, cabbage, carrot, celery, spinach, lettuce, scallion, garlic, etc., which are required to flower and bear fruit only when the length of the lighting of linear Led grow lights are more than 12-14 hours a day. Short-day plants include cowpea, late-mature varieties of vegetable soybean, bean, lentil, garland chrysanthemum, amaranth, etc., which require a daily sunshine length of less than 12-14 hours before they can blossom and bear fruit. In linear Led grow lights’ lighting, they will not blossom or delay flowering. Medium sunshine plants include kidney beans, early maturing varieties of vegetable soybeans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc., which are not strict in the length of sunshine.

Who are linear Led grow lights suitable for?

In addition to being suitable for commercial crops, linear Led grows light's ideal for scientists because linear Led grow lights don't cover as much light and it's easy to move around. The linear Led grow light is also very friendly to the novice planter.

Use the right linear Led grow lights and follow the growth rules of the plant, and you can easily achieve success. If you are in the linear Led grow lights business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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