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What is UV LED lighting?

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An LED is a solid-state device that emits light when current flows from the positive (anode) side of the circuit to the negative (cathode) side.

Under the nominal input voltage and current, the output of a single UV LED light is measured in milliwatts (mW). In recent years, the output of UV LED lights has increased significantly, and the LED specifications of various manufacturers have also increased significantly. Let's talk about UV LED lights.

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l What is a UV LED lamp?

l Applications of UV LED lamp

What is a UV LED light?

The wavelength of UV LED lights is between visible light and X-ray, and the wavelength range of UV LED lights is 10 to 430 nm. Current UVLED products have a wavelength range of 265 to 420 nm and use multiple types of packages, such as perforation, surface mount, and COB.

Today's UV LED lights usually have three wavelengths: UV-A (longwave), UV-B (medium wave), and UV-C (short wave).

350-390 nm is used to manufacture commercial and industrial materials such as adhesives, coatings, and inks. UV LED lights (300-350nm) are used in new commercial fields, and their potential accessories are suitable for UV curing, biomedicine, DNA analysis, etc.

UV-C and UV-B are used for sterilization.

Applications of UV LED light

Ultraviolet (UV) UV LED lights emit light that is almost invisible to the naked eye, but it has many practical uses.

1. Security. Ultraviolet light can be used to verify documents such as driver's license, passport, credit card, and currency. All of these include watermarks that appear under UV LED lights. This light allows individuals to quickly scan any form of ID or currency. For art dealers, jewelers, and collectors, you can also emphasize changes in fluorescence to determine whether artworks, gems, and artifacts are genuine or have defects that reduce their value.

2. Sterilize. UV LED lights show the organic deposits that need to be removed by killing unwanted microorganisms, and turning pathogens, pollen, mold spores, viruses, and bacteria into harmless by-products. They are used to disinfect work areas and tools in laboratories, kitchens, and similar environments where hygiene and pollution are critical. Similarly, UV LED light is a common method of purifying air and water. It is commonly used to treat wastewater and is becoming more and more popular as a drinking water treatment method for bottled water. When installed under a shelf or cabinet light, the workspace can be disinfected inconspicuously.

3. Household cleaning. After years of watching police dramas on TV, UV LED lights t have proven to be an indispensable forensic tool that can be used to find and identify the liquid needed to solve a case. Whether you are training a puppy at home or just want to determine the cause of unpleasant odors, homeowners will use UV LED lights to spot spots that need treatment to remove bacteria, odors, and discoloration. Usually, you will find it accurately.

4. Herpetology. Reptiles need long-wave ultraviolet light to metabolize calcium to produce bones and eggs. In the reptile enclosure, the traditional fluorescent ultraviolet lamps can be replaced with ultraviolet flexible UV LED lights, providing an environmentally friendly habitat for reptiles that not only meets their needs but also saves energy.

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