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What are the advantages of the foldable spider led grow light?

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Optimize your planting system with LEDs for sustainable crop growth throughout the year. Custom light formulations mean faster growth, higher yields, and superior quality. Foldable spider led grow light can help you achieve your goals. If you interest in foldable spider led grow light, please read on.



Why is foldable spider led grow light better than sodium lamps?

Why do you want foldable spider led grow light to be collapsible?

What is foldable spider led grow light made of?


Why is foldable spider led grow light better than sodium lamps?

At present, in the field of plant lighting, the widely used plant supplement lamp belongs to foldable spider led grow light and sodium lamp. However, for many non-professional consumers, how to choose, today we will understand the next. High-temperature damage, also known as heat damage, is the physiological damage of plants caused by high temperature. This will lead to the deterioration of plant protein, the damage of biofilm structure, the metabolism disorder in the body, and the occurrence of abnormal phenomena such as leaf burn, plant wilt, flower shedding, and so on. According to the law of conservation of energy, the experiment found that the ability of foldable spider led grow light and sodium lamps to convert electric energy into light energy and heat energy is different. With the same energy, a cold foldable spider led grow light will produce lighter and less heat, while a hot sodium lamp will produce a lot of heat and less light when it is illuminated. Therefore, compared with the two kinds of lights, foldable spider led grow light not only saves energy, but also converts more energy into light energy to provide effective photosynthetic radiation for plants, and can effectively avoid "high-temperature damage" of plants, helping users reduce planting risks.


Why do you want foldable spider led grow light to be collapsible?

Compared with ordinary LED plant growth lamps, foldable spider led grow lights can illuminate more plants, have a larger irradiation area, the use efficiency is higher. As an added advantage, the foldable spider led grow light is easier to store, doesn't take up space, and because it folds up, foldable spider led grow light is easier to transport.


What is foldable spider led grow light made of?

LED (light-emitting diode) of foldable spider led grow light is made of gallium, arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen and other compounds, the interior does not contain mercury and other heavy metals, very environmental protection, high safety index. The sodium lamp is generally made up of mercury, sodium, xenon arc tube wick, glass shell, once the lamp is damaged, mercury and other harmful substances are not dealt with in time, people are exposed to a high mercury environment for a long time, light poisoning, heavy will cause brain damage or death. On the other hand, foldable spider led grow light using solid semiconductor chip for luminous materials, light decay is small, when the light flux attenuation to 80%, life can reach more than 25000 hours, and sodium lamp is the use of electrified, electric arc is generated between the electrodes at both ends of the arc tube, its life is shorter than the foldable spider led grow light.


BLE sincerely looking forward to cooperating with all over the world customers to win and grow together. If you grow your special plants or cash crops at home, the foldable spider led grow light will help you succeed. If you are in a foldable spider led grow lights business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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