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UV LED technology for new agricultural applications

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Due to the outbreak of indoor and urban agriculture, LED energy saving is not only attractive, but the advancement of UV LEDs can bring additional benefits to UV LED lights, especially UV-A and UV-B. It has become. Indoor agriculture. Ultraviolet rays have been shown to increase plant yields of active substances in medicinal plants, such as the antioxidant effect of many plants and the THC level of cannabis. UV LED rays can also help maintain a healthy growth environment by reducing mold and mildew.



Recent progress

The benefits of UV rays for gardening


History and wavelength

UV LED lights are an important part of the electromagnetic spectrum, with wavelengths ranging from 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers. This part of the spectrum is outside the visible range of the human eye, but some ultraviolet rays can be perceived by insects and birds. Most of the UV LED lights are absorbed by the atmosphere, including all extreme ultraviolet (10-100 nm) and most of the spectrum below 280 nm. However, given the ability to artificially generate these wavelengths, it is still important to understand the benefits of each part of the UV LED lights.

Recent progress

Most of the UV LED lights industry has been dominated by light sources other than LEDs, especially mercury bulbs. However, in recent years, due to advances in solid-state UV equipment manufacturing and increasing pressure to find more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient UV LED light options, UV LED lights have made considerable progress.

However, it is only recently that UV LED lights can truly cover the entire ultraviolet range. Since the late 1990s, UV LED lights that can transmit ultraviolet light above the range of UV-A (390-420 nm) have been available. They are often used for driving license and document forgery detection and verification, as well as forensics. Most of the UV LED lights market is cured Mainly for industrial and commercial applications, usually through UV-A light with a wavelength of 350-390 nm, such as inks, coatings, and adhesives.

The benefits of UV rays for gardening

Due to the explosive growth of indoor and urban agriculture, there is an increasing desire to continue to improve the growth process in a cost-effective manner that will have a positive impact on related plants. Most of the existing research on the use of UV LED lights in agriculture has focused on the wavelength of visible light and the spectrum required by plants for various processes. In extensive research, "NASA has determined that UV LED lights are the best single-source lights for growing plants on earth and space." Plants of different wavelengths are plants. A lot of research has been done to determine its relationship with its impact on growth. This information helps to further develop customized spectral lighting, thereby reducing energy costs and bringing better results for the factory.

Early LEDs are more sought after by most plants (and growers), but the latest and most advanced UV LED lights are specially used for indoor cultivation, which can significantly save costs compared to traditional LEDs. Provide more viable options for lighting options, such as high-pressure sodium (HPS).

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