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The introduction of LED grow light?

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In the dark, wet winter, home plants cannot stand the cold, long time without sunlight. For the plants that need the sun very much, it is very difficult to survive. But if you have a LED grow light, you can solve the problem perfectly. Then, what is a LED grow light? If you have an interest in LED grow lights, please read on.



· What is the operation principle of the LED grow light?

· What are the characteristics of the LED grow light?

· What is the LED grow light used for?


What is the operation principle of the LED grow light?

Light environment is one of the important physical environmental factors that are indispensable for plant growth and development. Controlling plant morphogenesis through light quality regulation is an important technology in the field of protected culture. LED grow light has the role of environmental protection and energy-saving, LED grow light to provide plants with photosynthesis, promote plant growth, reduce the time of flowering and bearing plants, improve production. In modernization construction, LED grow light is an indispensable product of crops.


What are the characteristics of the LED grow light?

Firstly, LED grow light has a variety of wavelength types, which coincide with the spectral range of plant light synthesis and photomorphogenesis. The spectral wave width is half wide, which can be combined to obtain pure monochromatic light and compound spectrum according to the needs and can focus the light of specific wavelength to illuminate crops in a balanced way. Secondly, LED grow light can not only regulate the flowering and setting of crops but also control the height of plants and the nutritional composition of plants. Thirdly, the LED grow lights system has less heat and occupies less space, which can be used in a multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system, realizing low heat load and miniaturization of production space. These can be said to be LED grow lights’ characteristics, more can be said to be LED grow lights’ advantages.


What is the LED grow light used for?

Traditional artificial light sources generate too much heat. With LED supplementary lighting by LED grow lights and hydroponic systems, the air can be recycled. Excessive heat and moisture can be removed, and electrical energy can be efficiently converted to effective photosynthetic radiation, which is eventually converted to plant matter. The research shows that the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of lettuce can be increased by more than 20% by using LED grow lights, and it is feasible to use LED grow lights in plant factories. Compared with the fluorescent lamp, the mixed wavelength LED grow light can significantly promote the growth and development of spinach, radish, and lettuce, and improve the morphological indexes. LED grow light can maximize the bioaccumulation of beet, betaine accumulation is the most significant in hair roots, and sugar and starch accumulation is the highest in hair roots.


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