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Research on the Use of Led Grow Lights

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LED grow lights, follow the laws of nature and adopt agricultural, physical, and biological methods to fertilize the soil. Prevent and control grow diseases and insect pests to obtain a safe agricultural production system for organisms and their products. Organic growing does not completely use fertilizers, but organic fertilizers can be used: farmyard manure, mineral fertilizer, biological bacterial fertilizer, etc. after high-temperature fermentation and harmless treatment. Due to the limitation of this kind of fertilization, the led plant grow light is bound to be affected, and the current large demand in the market appears to be in short supply. Therefore, shortening the production cycle is one of the ways. Therefore Led grow lights came into being.


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The study


LED grow lights help shorten the growth cycle of grows, because the light source of this kind of light is mainly composed of red and blue light sources, using the most sensitive light band of grows, red light wavelengths use 620-630nm and 640-660nm, blue wavelengths use 450-460nm and 460-470nm. These light sources are to make grows to produce the best photosynthesis, and the grows to get the best growth state. Experiments and practical applications have shown that in addition to supplementing the light during the lack of Led grow light, they also promote the growth of grows during the growth process. The differentiation of side branches and buds accelerates the growth of roots, stems, and leaves, accelerates the synthesis of growing carbohydrates and vitamins, and shortens the growth cycle.

The study

Facility horticulture lighting technology is mainly used in two aspects:

As supplementary lighting for grow photosynthesis when the amount sunshine is low or the sunshine time is short;

As the induced lighting for the photoperiod and light morphology of grows.

1. Research on Led grow light as supplementary lighting for grow photosynthesis. Traditional artificial light sources generate too much heat. If LED supplementary lighting and hydroponic systems are used, air can be recycled, excess heat and water can be removed, and electricity can be removed. Efficiently transform into effective photosynthetic radiation, and finally into grow matter. Studies have shown that the use of led plant growth light can increase the growth rate and photosynthesis rate of lettuce by more than 20%, and it is feasible to use LEDs in grow factories.

Studies have found that, compared with fluorescent lamps, mixed-wavelength LED light sources can significantly promote the growth and development of spinach, radish, and lettuce, and improve morphological indicators.

Compared with the metal halide lamp, the pepper and perilla grow grown under the wavelength LED have significant changes in the anatomical morphology of their stems and leaves, and as the optical density increases, the photosynthetic rate of the grow's increases. LEDs with multiple wavelengths can increase the number of stomata in marigold and sage grows.

2. LED as the induced lighting for grow photoperiod and light morphology

The specific wavelength of the led grow light can affect the flowering time, quality, and duration of the flowering period of the grow. LEDs of certain wavelengths can increase the number of flower buds and flowering of grows; LEDs of certain wavelengths can reduce the flower formation response, regulate the length of the stalk and the flowering period, which is conducive to the production and marketing of cut flowers. It can be seen that the flowering and subsequent growth of grows can be regulated by LED regulation.

Today, the Led grow light has been well developed. And the intelligence of Led grow lights is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different Led grow lights from different suppliers. Whether it is a Led grow light, BLE Shenzhen semiconductor lighting Co., Ltd. Led grow light is an ideal choice.

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