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Linear LED grow lights can promote the rapid and healthy growth of plant seedlings

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Trees of Ageratum thrive under the illumination of LED grow lights. The planting base adopts LED "light formula" kinds of medicinal materials, and successfully cultivated seedlings of nectarine, dendrobium, and ageratum. Today, let’s talk about the basic situation and usefulness of the linear LED grow light.

 linear LED grow light

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Basic situation

The usefulness of the linear LED grow light

Basic situation

Rows of LED tubes are installed on the iron frame. The red and blue linear led grow lights exude a soft light, and the Chinese herbal medicine seedlings underneath are growing well. "The growth of plants requires photosynthesis. In a relatively confined space, plants can grow vigorously, which is inseparable from these red and blue linear led grow lights " Blue light promotes the synthesis of chlorophyll more obviously. Red Light promotes flowering and maturation, including sugar conversion.

It is understood that the wavelength of light required for photosynthesis of plants is 400 to 700 nanometers, within this wavelength range are red light and blue light, "spectral planting", research on LED grow lights that can promote plant production, invest more than 200,000 yuan to build a greenhouse Used to cultivate seedlings of medicinal materials. An intelligent LED plant growth lamp, which includes a controller, a display and button module, a DMX communication module, an LED light source board module, an LED constant current drive module, an ambient light sensor module, a clock module, and a controller, display and button Module, DMX communication module, ambient light sensor module, and internal power supply module powered by the clock module. The controller is connected to the display and key module, DMX communication module, LED constant current drive module, ambient light sensor module, and clock module, respectively. The LED constant current drive module is connected with the linear led grow light source board module.

The usefulness of the linear LED grow light

Linear led grow lights can promote the growth rate of seedlings, can inhibit some harmful bacteria and pests, and avoid pesticides. For example, it takes four months for ageratum seedlings to grow in the field, while it only takes 20% for planting through the spectrum. Cultivation of seedlings can be completed in just days. Because the planting cycle of seedlings is shortened, diseases and insect pests can be isolated, the survival rate of seedlings is higher and the profit is higher. Taking Anoectochilus as an example, if planted in the field, the lodging rate can reach 30%-40%, while planting through the spectrum, the lodging rate is only about 10%. At present, the seedlings of Anoectochilus, Dendrobium, and Ageratum have been successfully cultivated through spectral planting, and they have been used in field planting.

Today, the linear LED grow light has been well developed. And the intelligence of linear LED grow lights is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Whether it is a linear LED grow light, BLE Shenzhen semiconductor lighting Co., Ltd. linear LED grow light is an ideal choice.

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