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How to understand Led Grow Light according to the effects of different spectra on plants?

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The main function of Led Grow Lights is to help plants grow quickly and promote photosynthesis that plants need daily. A foldable spider-led grow light is one of the lights. Now let’s understand the effect of Led Grow Light on photosynthesis.


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What are the effects of different spectra on plants?

Can the white light of LED enable plants to photosynthesize?

Is ordinary light useful for the photosynthesis of plants?

What are the effects of different spectra on plants?

What we usually call sunlight includes infrared light, visible light, and ultraviolet light. Sunlight reaches the earth after passing through the atmosphere. Since the ozone layer of the earth absorbs part of the light energy, the ratio of natural light to the surface of the earth is about infrared: visible light: ultraviolet = 2:7 :1

Ultraviolet light: can change the biological structure and is destructive.

Visible light: can provide lighting and promote the growth of animals and plants.

Infrared rays: has a bactericidal effect, the plant has a low absorption rate, stimulates cell elongation, affects flowering and seed germination, and the wavelength greater than 1000nm will generate heat.

The reason why Led Grow Lights are energy-saving and efficient is that Led Grow Lights are mainly red and blue lights, including full-spectrum plant lights, the proportion of red and blue is also the largest. On the one hand, it can well meet the needs of plant growth, and only use Led Grow Lights to supplement the light needed by plants; on the other hand, it does not produce harmful substances like traditional plant lights and consumes high power.

Can the white light of LED enable plants to photosynthesize?

Yes, but the white LED lamp for general lighting has a blue light spectrum that is concentrated in the visible light, and the photosynthesis efficiency of plants is relatively poor.

There are Led Grow Lights that are specially used for the photosynthesis of plants. Led Grow Lights can be equipped with a spectrum suitable for plant growth. The photosynthetic efficiency is 20% higher than that of fluorescent tubes of the same kind.

Plants need sunlight to grow more luxuriantly. The effect of light on plant growth is to promote plant chlorophyll to absorb nutrients such as carbon dioxide and water to synthesize carbohydrates. But modern science can make plants grow better in places where there is no sun. People have mastered the inner principle that plants need for the sun, which is the photosynthesis of leaves. The photosynthesis of leaves requires the excitation of external photons to complete the entire photosynthetic process. The sun's rays are a process of energy supply stimulated by photons.

Is ordinary light useful for the photosynthesis of plants?

It's useless. If you want to add light to plants, it's best to use a Led Grow Light. Led Grow Light is specially designed to supplement light for plants. Its spectrum and luminous principle conform to the principle that plants absorb sunlight for photosynthesis, while the spectrum of ordinary lights is not suitable for supplementing light for plants. For example, the red and blue light absorbed by plants, the wavelength range of light in ordinary red and blue LED lighting is not effective for plant supplement light.

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