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Do you know the LED grow light?

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LED grow lights are essential to modern agriculture. In the absence of daylight, the LED grow lights act as daylight, allowing plants to grow normally or better. These LED grow lights have strong roots, promote, adjust the flowering period, color, promote fruit ripening, color, improve the taste and quality of the role. Then, let’s introduce more about LED grow lights.


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What are the characteristics of the LED grow light?

What are the pros of LED grow light?

How does the LED grow light help the space biosafety system?


What are the characteristics of the LED grow light?

First, LED grow lights have a wide range of wavelengths that match the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and light morphogenesis. Second, the spectral wavelength width of the LED grows light is halved. You can combine this to get pure monochromatic light and composite spectra as needed. Third, LED grow lights can focus light of a particular wavelength on the crop in a balanced way. Fourth, LED grow lights can not only regulate the flowering and setting of crops but also control the height and nutritional composition of plants. Fifth, the LED grow light system has less heat and less space, so it can be used in a multi-layered stereo combination system, resulting in lower heat load and smaller production space.


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What are the pros of LED grow light?

The flowering time, quality, and flowering duration of plants can be affected by the specific wavelength of LED grow light. Some wavelengths of LED grow light can increase the number of flower buds and flowers. Some wavelengths of LED grow light can reduce the flowering response, regulate the length of pedicel and flowering period, and facilitate the production and marketing of cut flowers.


How does the LED grow light help the space biosafety system?

LED grow light is of great help to the plants that are taken to the spacecraft for experiments. The establishment of a Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS) is the fundamental way to solve the long-term Life Support problem of manned spaceflight. The cultivation of higher plants is an important element of CELSS, and illumination is one of the key elements. Based on the special requirements of the space environment, the light source used in space higher plant cultivation must have the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, the output light wave suitable for plant photosynthesis and morphogenesis, small volume, lightweight, long life, high safety, and reliability record and no environmental pollution. LED grow lights compared with other light sources such as cold white fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and metal halogen lamps, LED grow lights can more effectively convert light energy into photosynthetic active radiation. In addition, it has the characteristics of long life, small size, lightweight, and solid-state, so in recent years, it has been paid much attention to in the ground and space plant cultivation. The research shows that the LED grow lights’ lighting system can provide the lighting with uniform spectral energy distribution, and the efficiency of its energy conversion into the light needed by plants is 520 times higher than that of the metal halide lamp.


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