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Canabis led light BLE

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BLE LED grow light is an indoor planting solution specially designed for high-yield and high-quality growers. It uses 0 ~ 10v dimming function to control ppfd to meet every growth stage of the plant.It is specially designed for Herbs, ornamental plants, leafy vegetables and fruits growing,With ultra-thin and folding design,It can provides high-quality and high-yielding planting solutions for single or multi-layer growers.

BLE shenzhen semiconductor lighting Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED grow lighting . Since its establishment in July 2008, it has achieved significant sales performance refresh every six months. BLE shenzhen semiconductor lighting Co., Ltd already got many patents and quality certificate on products. LED Grow lights with many different models which apply for indoor grow, greenhouse, urban garden, smart home garden, smart plant factory, won the favor and support of overseas customers. BLE shenzhen semiconductor lighting Co., Ltd. has a strong research and engineer team, who are with more than 10 years' experience in led grow light and spectrum light industry, In the meanwhile, it has a far-sighted management team to Meet the market demand, providing the right products and the best service to customers.

Boost the Growth of Your Business with BLE LED Grow Lights.

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