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Can LED Lights Promote Plant Growth?

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LED grow light is an artificial light source that uses an LED (light-emitting diode) as a light emitter to meet the lighting conditions required for plant photosynthesis. When classified by type, it belongs to the 3rd generation plant supplement light!


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What is the use of LED lights in plant growth?

What are researches on LEDs in plant growth?

Can we use a regular white LED light as an LED to grow light?


What is the use of LED lights in plant growth?

Organic farming is a type of production that does not use chemically synthesized fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and does not use genetic engineering or ion emission technology. Prevent and manage plant diseases and pests to get a safe agricultural production system for living things and their products. Shortening the production cycle is one way to do this. All of these LED grow light sources are for the plants to produce the best photosynthesis, and the plants get the best growth, so LED grow lights help shorten the plant's growth cycle. Experimental and practical applications have shown that in addition to supplementing light when there is a lack of light, it also promotes plant growth during the growth process.


LED grow light

What are researches on LEDs in plant growth? 

Lighting technology for institutional gardening is used in two main aspects.

1. If the amount of sunshine is low or the daylight hours are short, use LED grow lights as auxiliary lighting for the photosynthesis of plants.

2. As guided lighting of plant day length and light form.

(1). LEDs research grows light as an auxiliary light for photosynthesis in plants. Studies have shown that using LED grow light can increase lettuce growth and photosynthesis by more than 20%, making it possible to use LEDs in plant factories.

(2). LEDs as guided lighting for plant photoperiods and light forms the specific wavelength of the LED can affect the flowering time, quality, and duration of the flowering period of the plant. LEDs of a particular wavelength can increase the number of flower buds and the flowering of plants. It can be seen that the flowering and subsequent growth of the plant can be regulated by LED regulation.

(3). Research on the application of LED grow lights in aerospace ecosystem life support systems Establishing a controlled ecological life support system (CELSS) is a fundamental way to solve long-term manned space life support problems. Cultivation of higher plants is an important element of CELSS and one of the keys is lightness. Based on the special requirements of the space environment, LED grow light source used for cultivation of high space plants has high luminous efficiency, output lightwave suitable for photosynthesis and morphogenesis of plants, small size, lightweight, long life, high safety. It has a record of reliability and has no environmental pollution or other properties. LEDs can more effectively convert light energy into photosynthetically effective radiation. It features long life, small size, lightweight, and solid-state.

Can we use a regular white LED light as an LED grow light?

Normal white light LED lights are mainly blue light chips and white light phosphors, and the wavelength of the light produced is not the wavelength required for plant growth. Illuminating a plant with a normal white LED light cannot promote the growth of the plant. LED grow lights use scientifically proportional red and blue wavelengths to illuminate plants, promote plant photosynthesis, and promote plant growth.


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