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A brief introduction of quantum board LED grow light

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Quantum board LED grow light is a kind of LED grow light. It is famous for its unique advantages. Today we will briefly talk about some of the characteristics and applications of quantum board LED grow light. I hope that can help everyone understand the LED grow light.

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  • Feature of product

  • Use place

Feature of product

Quantum board-led grow lights are a relatively new type of lamp that replaces sunlight. The growth of plants cannot be separated from sunlight because they have to undergo photosynthesis so that they will have better-growing conditions. This is already a well-known thing. However, as our modern life becomes more and more abundant, many plants are no longer just outdoor decorations. Many plants have been brought into various homes, but this is always a defect to the growth of plants, because, They are not easy to absorb sunlight. Therefore, based on the habit of plants and the principle of solar energy, we have made this kind of lamp that can provide plants with an energy similar to sunlight, and are named quantum board-led grow lights.

Everyone knows that sunshine is one of the necessary conditions for the growth of every plant. However, the plants we bring indoors lack such a necessary condition. Fortunately, there are plant growth lights because they have the following features to ensure the growth of plants indoors:

1. The width of the spectrum wave of the quantum board-led grow light is half-width narrow, and we can adjust it according to the different needs of different plants to obtain a pure composite spectrum

2. The quantum board-led grow light has a rich variety of wavelengths. After careful design and manufacture, its wavelength can match the form of photosynthesis of plants, so it can promote the growth of plants indoors.

3. The entire quantum board-led grow light system has a relatively low heat and the designed volume is also relatively small. We can carry out a three-dimensional combination of multi-layer cultivation according to the indoor environment layout, which can not only effectively save space, but also achieve Low heat load.

4. Full-spectrum design, suitable for all plant growth and supplementary light effects;

5. High light efficiency, more power saving;

6. Maintenance-free, reducing use cost;

7. Long life, 3 years warranty for the whole lamp

8. The wavelength of the quantum board-led grow light is a specific form. Therefore, its light is relatively uniform. It can not only control the nutrients of the plants but also adjust the flowering and fruiting stage of the plants, which is very practical.

Use place

Quantum board plant growth lights have been widely used in new agricultural planting bases, laboratories, vegetable seeds, fruit sheds, indoor greenhouse plant plantations, and other places.

BLE Shenzhen semiconductor lighting Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of quantum board-led grow lights and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. If you are in the quantum board-led grow lights business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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